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build his momentum from last week's debate, and president obama focusing on the american people who carried him forward despite mistakes made in 2008. one new poll was released in just the past hour. that is the new gallup daily tracking poll. it shows president obama and mitt romney now tied 47%. romney erasing the 5-point lead the president had before the debates. right now president obama is about to make modern history. the president is in california where he'll unveil a national monument in horne of cesar chavez who led the farm worker monument. it's the first national monument since the 1700s to horne the latino. the latino vote is heavily skewed towards the president, but the issue is enthusiasm. we know this visit today in california with this national monument is a big one for the president. as for governor romney, he took
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direct aim at president obama's handling of foreign policy during his speech at the military institute in virginia. it's the tenth foreign policy speech of romney's campaign. >> when we look at the middle east today, with iran closer than ever to nuclear weapons capability, with the conflict in syria threatening to destabilize the region, and with violent extremists on the march, and with an american ambassador and three others dead likely at the hands of al qaeda affiliates, it's clear that the risk of conflict in the region is higher now than when the president took office. i know the president hopes for a safer, freer and more prosperous middle east alied with us. i share this hope. hope is not a strategy. >> let me bring in the "news nation" political panel. chris and michael and jonathan and communications relations
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director for american cross roads and bobby gosch, deputy international editor for "time" magazine. jonathan, we heard governor romney's speech and saw excerpts before the speech. the hope line is replayed so much. what is the major failure of the obama administration that republicans and romney are referring to? >> well, i think he's talking about what just happened in this fiasco in libya. governor romney had a good week talking about the economy. they want to definele what will be talked about this week on the if foreign policy front. they'll have a hearing about what went on the in libya on the security side leading up to the attack there. that's what he wants to set the stage for. if they talk about foreign policy this week, he wants it to define the terms on which we have that debate. >> because words matter, you started off with with saying i think that's what governor romney was talking about. an ongoing investigation into what happened in libya. obviously, aa he great concern.
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but you could not answer that question with certainty of what epic failure governor romney and republicans believe has happened over the past four years under this president's leadership, under secretary of state hillary clinton here. that is still unclear even after that 25-minute speech a couple of hours ago. >> he made the case that the middle east is not more stable here. that's a failure that he wants to talk about. he made a case that terrorism is on a low ebb and we don't have to worry about al qaeda, and we just had an attack the on the u.s. consulate. the administration didn't want to call it terrorism. it took 14 days to admit it was a coordinated terror attack, and that's what he wants to talk about. why wasn't the administration straight with the american people. >> let me bring you in on this. this was a remarkable moment with chuck todd. the romney campaign is talking
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about the case to be made for failures. let me ask you where hosni mubarak should be sptd or not. let me play what happened. >> it was a mistake. >> pushing mubarak out was the mistake? >> let me give you the answer. first of all, for two years president obama cut support of u.s. assistance for democracy in civil society in egypt. so those who eventually went to tahrir square saw that the united states wasn't on their side. that was a mistake. there's a big difference between anticipating and leading versus not leading, reacting, cutting our traditional support for democracy. that's the record of president obama. that contributed it to the mess. >> you say he should have pushed mubarak out and done it differently or shouldn't have done it? >> ronald reagan once said to support the march of freedom, but we can't determine the pace.
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the people in the country determine the pace of the march of freedom. it's humorous to suggest we could do this. >> can you make an assertion but no answer. that seemed to happen in that exchan exchange. >> if anyone doubts foreign policy and who advises candidates doesn't matter, they have to watch that video. this is the stakes at hand. there's two ways to look at this, i think. on the policy side governor romney's critiques are wrong. the president has done a remarkable job in terms of getting us out of iraq, setting us up for withdrawal out of afghanistan, killing osama bin laden, dismantling al qaeda. those are incredible accomplishments by my standard. if this was a republican president, i guarantee you republicans would crow about the incredible record. on the other side, i have no idea what the republicans are
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doing. if they think they will win a foreign he policy debate with the president, they're sorely mistaken. >> the key is the great contrast. many things are starkly different with governor romney and president obama. again and again you see romney advisers pressed on what are the differences. what changes would you make? what decisions would be explicitly different than the obama administration? i don't want to say you get crickets, but you saw the exchange with the ambassador it who hesitated to say what he would have done with hosni mubarak. >> there's not a great deal of difference. the speech governor romney gave in morning wasn't aimed at the foreign policy establishment. it was a plit speech. as a foreign policy speech, i give him 4 on 10 and as a political speech 9 on 10. he was trying to look presidential, which means you show that you have a grasp of international affairs, and he was trying to prove that he was tougher than the incumbent, which is very hard to do because he really isn't.
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he plays the syria card as a way of appearing tougher than the president. >> the differences here. you heard jonathan bring up the investigation into libya. we know that the administration seemed to stumble and stammer throughout that -- throughout the early details and romney did the same thing with his early jump to get a press release out trying to capitalize ploliticaly off of this. is that the great problem of a four-year administration that warrant the criticism that the obama administration is weak and failed? >> i don't think so it is. the argument that the republicans put forward is a very, very weak one. the headline out of the speech today, the headline tomorrow is syria. that's the only place where there's a little bit of daylight -- substandard. >> andrea mitchell made the poir point we don't know what's happening to help the rebels. governor romney would be more up front with giving them weapons
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and helping and assisting the rebels. we don't know what's going on. >> there's enough reporting to suggest that isn't taking place. words do matter. if you have a presidential candidate saying up front i will arm these people, that has consequences. some of those are very dangerous consequences, and so perhaps by promising it this early without be fully apprised of all the facts, you could argue that's a danger thing to do. that's the the only place where he has real difference with the obama foreign policy. >> jonathan, do you despite what bobby just said? the syria issue is the only thing that governor romney differs from the president foreign policy-wise? do you dispute that, and if you do, i need some facts here. just don't say you dispute it. >> no. there is a difference in tone. there is a difference in the approach the to the middle east. you bring up hosni mubarak. it was difficult to determine what exactly american foreign policy was as those demonstrations happened in cairo. >> does tone translate to tough talk?
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someone getting behind a podium and asherting with a sword in hand. what do you mean by phone? we're talking about foreign policy. >> yeah, but tone is a form of -- it's a part and parcel of foreign policy. if the demonstrators in egypt in tahrir square thought we were not on the side of the muk rab or one side or other, it has a dramatic impact what's going on on the ground there. that's what governor romney is talking about. there is an important in the tone of leadership to the table. >> i think chris and bob's faces say it all. let me get michael in on this one. michael, a lot of people say the daily gallup tracking poll. there's a close there. they blame the media for continues to talk about the president's gaffe and maybe "snl" for keeping the jokes alive about it. this week in los angeles the president discussed his performance slightly had in the debate, and he talked about the american people pushing him forward, the same that backed him in 2008.
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let me play what he said. >> everybody here is incredible policies, great friends, and they perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> all right. that's the president last night, michael. what do you make of the daily gallup tracking poll that shows -- we're waiting for battleground polls after the debate. this is the first quick glimpse of what may have happened. >> i'm anxious to see what went on in the buckeye state. when we had a conversation last week, last wednesday predebate, i said, tamron, how this plays in living rooms in ohio is the critical question, and we're soon to get that answer. we still don't have it. i'm not surprised and i'm sure you're not surprised by the tightening of the national surveys. we're beyond that. it's a function now of what's happen inning nine different states, and as you well know, people are already voting. it's not a function of what's
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going to happen in a month. it is what is happening right now, because it's game on. >> absolutely. speaking of game on, let me play that bite again where the president refers to 2008. >> back in 2008 everybody always remembers the victory, but they don't always remember the bumps in the road. we made all kinds of mistakes. we goofed up. i goofed up. but the american people carried us forward. >> is the president having a hard time getting past that debate performance? >> to some extent. the coverage has been, you know, more brutal than maybe the debate performance to be honest. >> that was a choice line. he decided to refer to the debate. >> i get it. part of it gets in candidates' heads and they can't walk away. the reality is it's over. >> is it in his head? >> i don't know if it's in his head. it's tough to realize that's in the past, and you have to forget about it.
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i think moving forward you have another debate coming up. the vp debate is going to be a critical debate. so some extent i think this election has kind of changed again. it's now very debate-focused election where the media and everyone else focuses on the remaining debates. that raises the stakes for everyone but gives the president the opportunities to go in the next debate, whether he debates governor romney and really put his feet to the fire and be really aggressive about holding his record and his contradictions to account. >> i want to get michael and jonathan in. i want to play governor romney still reflecting on the debate. we know why that would be the case, but listen to what he said and how he put it. >> mr. president, you're entitled as a president in your own airplane and own house but not to your own facts. i have five boys. i'm used to people saying something that's not always true but keep on repeating and ultimately hoping i'll believe it. that's not the case. >> that's not the bite. whatever. basically he was talking about
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the fact that reflecting whether a big group of people at a rally about how well he did in the debate. are you worried about overconfidence at all depending on the battleground polling shows in the next 24 hours, 48 hours from now. >> i think it's encouraging. in the george washington poll shows republican enthusiasm is higher than on the democratic side. gallup is still surveying regular voters. they make the switch in october, but when they do my guess is romney is not ahead nationwide. it's going to come down to swing sats. >> michael, what's your take? nominally ahead? that's jonathan's prediction. >> nationally it wouldn't surprise me, but that's not kept pace or the swing states have not kept pace from romney's perspective with what's going on in the national surveys. hopefully tomorrow we know about the buckeye state and where it stands. without ohio it's a very
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difficult path for governor romney. >> breaking it down to the battlegrounds. thank you so much. it's a pleasure. thank you. here we go again, the vice presidential debate is a couple of days away. are both sides trying the same tactic? you know the tune, down-play expectations. >> i think it's silly of us to somehow discount joe biden because he's made a few gaffes as of late. >> we're going to look at the weapons both vice president joe biden and congressman ryan bring to the table. peter baker from "the new york times" will join me. plus, the reaction inside venezuela to hugo chavez's victory. you can join our conversation on twitter, and you can find us at @tamronhall and, of course, at @newsnation. food, meet flavor. flavor, meet food. it's time for swanson flavor boost. concentrated broth
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president obama is in california at this hour where he'll deliver remarks at a campaign event at the national chavez center. he leads with latino voters by more than 50%. the focus for his campaign it is to make sure those voters turn out in november in 29 days. joining me now is kristen welker in california covering the president's campaign there. kristen, it is interesting. when you look at the number, as far as the enthusiasm gap wi talk about so much, it's significantly down with latino voters. 29 days. what is the key, i guess the focus or priority for the obama administration to get those people out? he needs to overperform with latino voters. >> he absolutely does. that is the big challenge. events like this certainly resonate with latino voters, so
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i think you're going to see more outreach when it comes to that community. this is certainly an -- we're in california, but this will resonate with latino voters in swing states like nevada, north carolina and virginia and florida. so that is the aim. when you look at latino voters, the other challenge is historically thep don't always turn out in the same large numbers that you see in the african-american community, for example. that's where the obama administration's ground game comes into play and is going to be a really big aspect for them moving forward. this is one stop, tamron, on a three-day trip. the other goal during these three days is really to reassure his base supporters here in california after that lackluster debate performance that you were just discussing. to reassure them he can get his campaign back on track. we heard him joke about it last
2:20 pm
night before his hollywood supporters, but today he's trying to hit the reset button and remind folks why they should support him and to really give them confidence that he is going to come back in a strong way in these next two debates he has. from here he heads to san francisco for more fund-raisers. >> i'm curious in this. we had chris on a short time ago, the democratic strategist. he feels this debate story or the president's debate performance has legs if you will because of the media. you have the president referring to it even jokingly. still it lingers in his remarks. do you get the sense behind the scenes it really is sticking with him? that can be a motivating factor to ensure that he does a much better job than next time around. you can joke about something, but they like to say the joke is funny because there's a little truth in there. >> i think that's absolutely right. i think that they are refocusing their debate preparations. you heard top campaign advisers
2:21 pm
talk about the fact there's going to be to some extent a reset when president obama heading into debate preparations this it time. so i think that you're absolutely right. the obama campaign is trying not to get bogged down, but they know it's serious and the president has to do a better job in the next two debates to win re-election. >> and also to move it forward past the discussion. debate. it was a big one. thank you very much. we're joined by sandra lily. there you see kristen welker at this live event. there's not a poll that doesn't show the president with a significant lead over governor romney in the alatino community, despite every effort by the romney campaign to try to backtrack on immigration and where he would stand with letting kids in this country through no fault of their own remain here despite having his son, for example, who is fluent in spanish, address numbers of latino voters. the bottom line is getting the community that supports president obama it to get out
2:22 pm
and vote. 29 days. >> absolutely. turnout is key. now, there are some things that look like they're going in president obama's favor. not just the polls, but the enthusiasm is rising. so in recent polls, especially by the firm latino decisions, they say that the enthusiasm is creeping up among latino voters. >> what is the reason? is it the latest jobs report? what is the reason to justify the number? >> it started in june once a deferred announcement was made. you saw a big jump among latino voters after deferred action was announced and it it's creeping up. for example, like you say, okay he has the polls. today is a big day for many latinos and many civil rights and labor activists. the fact he dedicates this national monument on a day like today and the fact yes, we can can came from the united workers is a big deal, and it's a message to the latino community.
2:23 pm
>> each family has their own individuali issues. each person has factors that determine how engaged they are in the campaign, whether they can get out to vote and who they will vote for. generically speaking here, if you had to explain why there's this enthusiasm gap, if these numbers are accurate, what is the problem? >> i think you can look at it from what the gop has not done. i was speaking to a political scientist today who said in some states like nevada and colorado, the anti-immigrant rhetoric hurt in a year that they could have had more latino votes. the economy is not doing that well. >> i get when you look at arizona, why someone would be concerned and perhaps not support a jan brewer, given her actions in front of the mike and behind in her office when she signs legislation. i'm talking about those who say i support president obama, but then those same people don't express enthusiasm. >> yeah.
2:24 pm
i mean, the thing is that speaking to young people, when i was out in denver for the debate, there was definitely more enthusiasm in 2008 because it was something new. it was a movement. i think what is starting to creep up is the fact that the differences in policy between the two parties and the fact that the obama campaign has been stressing. you have a party that's against immigration. we are for immigration. it's helping to creep up murng voters and maybe we're not as interested for a while. >> before we go, i want to show a little bit of this campaign ad with victor cruz that nbc latino tweeted the out as well. this is one of the ways to ramp up the enthusiasm. let's play that one. >> i want people to get hyped up for election day. just like game day, it determines the winners and losers. so get out there and vote. >> this is a new ad with victor cruz. >> that's right. they're using eva longoria. there's been a lot of latino celebrities that have come out, and it does all -- all these
2:25 pm
things make a big difference. today is a rock star day in california among the latino community. >> thank you so much. coming up, has the race really changed after last week's debate? the jobs report. the latest poll shows you the numbers, but what have we really learned because we're waiting for the battleground numbers, and we know that people have been polled over the weekend. nbc's senior political editor mark murray has the first read, and we'll look at the gallup poll and the battleground polls coming up. which of these "clueless" stars is now backing mitt romney? it's just one of the things we thought you should know. ♪
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[ construction sounds ] ♪ [ watch ticking ] [ engine revs ] come in. ♪ got the coffee. that was fast. we're outta here. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ welcome back. venezuela's hugo chavez has won
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a third presidential term. fireworks were set off in the capital of caracas has huge crowds gathered to celebrate the victory. there have been no immediate reports of unrest, despite fears that election results would destabilize that country. chavez has enjoyed wide support from venezuela's poor in large part because he used oil profits to give away homes in subsidized groceries. some if fear that many of the wealthier class that supported the opposition candidate will leave the country n. a victory speech he vowed to continue the socialist reforms of his past two terms. coming up on "news nation" -- >> close to him said he got the sense that senator obama really wondered if he could continue in politics. >> so intriguing. we have a sneak peek, a new documentary on the president and mitt romney. it airs tomorrow night, but we'll give you a peek today. check out the tumblr page. you'll find pictures at
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[ male announcer ] iams. with 50% more animal protein. [ dog 2 ] i'm an iams dog for life. not a rabbit. woof! welcome back. ahead of thursday's big vice presidential debate, republican vp nominee paul ryan on the campaign trail today in the battleground state of ohio. he echoed what governor romney was saying almost insultly in the form policy debate he delivered at the virginia military institute. >> if you go home after this and turn on your tv, you can likely see the failures of the obama foreign he policy unfolding before our eyes. you see if you look around the world what we are witnessing is the unraveling of the obama foreign policy. >> nbc's ron mott is traveling with the ryan campaign. he joins us by phone. obviously, ron, we see which direction the romney/ryan ticket would like to at least take this
2:34 pm
week? >> reporter: claktly. hey there, tamron. hope you can hear me over the rumble of the bus. we're heading into detroit. i'm sure the campaign could pack more stuff into the schedule today. in addition to the rally if in toledo where you heard paul ryan, he has three events around the detroit area. this is romney's old stomping ground from his younger days, and they're not quite ready to give up on a michigan where they think they can make a play. he's on his way to an education roundtable and a fund-raiser and another big rally tonight planned. another thing unusual about his speech in toledo was the fact it was much longer than usual. he went 33 minutes or so. usually we get a15, 20 minutes out of him and he doesn't spend a lot of time talking about foreign policy. because the crowd saw governor romney's speech at the virginia military institute, paul ryan wanted to talk a little bit about that and perhaps giving him a little more of a chance to get some of the foreign policy stuff out there publicly.
2:35 pm
obviously, his debate on thursday with vice president joe biden will be a mix of foreign policy and domestic issues. over the weekend we asked him about his preparations for this debate on thursday and what kind of energy he expects the vice president to bring. this is what he had to say. >> well, i guess we don't have the sound, which makes for a funny joke, here's what he had to say, quiet. he said something, ron. can you tell us what he said? >> reporter: basically he expects vice president biden come out like a cannonball and maybe perhaps in reaction to the president's performance at the debate last wednesday. so paul ryan has acknowledged that joe biden has far more experience assist a debate than he does. joe biden has been in public life for 40 years. paul ryan is not a newcomer by any stretch of the imagination. he has seven terms in the u.s. house under his belt. i think his posture over the
2:36 pm
weekend, he went to a pumpkin patch with his family. he's trying to stay focused but trying to relaxed. one of the things etsd is his key for him is to be himself. he knows what to believe, and he needs to articulate that to the american people in the debate in kentucky on thursday. >> thank you, ron. we greatly appreciate it. joe biden is is off the campaign trail this week as he prepares for that big debate with ryan. the two men come face to face in danville, kentucky, in three days. the stakes could be higher than any other vp debate we've seen before. in fact, listen to this. "the new york times" says that david axelrod is personally overseeing biden's debate preps writing, quote, mr. biden will be counseled on how to avoid mr. obama's mistakes and even correct them with a more aggressive prosecution of the republican ticket. it's a lot of pressure that could backfire. >> it's interesting going forward into this week, i think it puts pressure on joe biden maybe exactly what the obama team didn't want, which is biden
2:37 pm
to feel the pressure of having to do well, which maybe is not a good place for biden to be. >> let me bring in white house reporter for "the new york times" peter baker. peter, thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> what's your anticipation here? i think it's obvious what happened with the president debate puts a lot of pressure on joe biden to perform exceptionally but it puts pressure for different reasons on congressman ryan. >> absolutely. look, there's a momentum at this point for governor romney coming out of last week's debate. it stole the opportunity for the obama campaign to kind of cement what had been building into a modest lead. so, you know, people don't tend to vote on who the vice president is, but it could change the rhythm of the campaign into the final few weeks. people are voting in a lot of states, and so this could have some real impact. >> i want to play what chuck todd said on "meet the press." chuck noted for the most part in 2008 during the democratic primary joe biden won most of
2:38 pm
those debates. here's his insight moving ahead to the one this week. >> history shows that when there have been age differences the elder statesmen wins these vice presidential debates you had in cheney and edwards. cheney smacked down edwards, if you will, benson and quayle are the most famous. >> let's talk about the age difference, and, of course, the experience difference. we talked about the gender difference when it was sarah palin with joe biden, and this time around we're talking the age game. >> exactly. he has to be wise and knowledgeable and engaging without looking, you know, kond sending or in some way talking down to congressman ryan. congressm congressman ryan is a formidable figure. he has a lot of command of facts and figures. the democratic camp hopes he'll get lost in weeds and vice president biden can relate to his audience than congressman
2:39 pm
ryan. that's really up in the air. >> what about the fact in -- i think it's quite clear you have the supporters of the president obama who are thirsting for what they say is a push back on quote-unquote lies from paul ryan, from mitt romney that they really are salivating for this aggressive push back. does biden need to do that, for example, if the $718 billion at the romney/ryan ticket claims is being stolen, i believe it was their word at one point in time, from medicare given to obama care, does biden, vice president biden have to really like put the hold up, wait a minute, and go in on congressman ryan? >> look, he has it to obviously put up something of a rebuttal and satisfy that itch among democrats for a more aggressive pushback, and he's comfortable with that. that's the kind of thing vice president biden has done over the years. he's an engaged debater and enjoys the give-and-take. it doesn't come across as too mean, but he has a habit of,
2:40 pm
loquaci loquacious and has many gaffes. they're trying to take advantage of his long experiment at the head of national government. >> thank you very much. greatly appreciate you coming on to talk with us. pretty exciting week again. we're still waiting to see if the race has nvt changed after last week's debate and the jobs numbers. there's no doublt that it has. they write, quote, the body language from body campaigns suggests that the race did change. a more confident romney camp and an obama campaign with a greater sense of urgency. let's bring in mark murray. i want to talk about the gallup tracking poll. one of the things i love about our audience is people who watch the shows are political junkies. they have gallup on speed dial, and they will call you out. that happened at the top of the show. we showed the gallup poll until october 6, 4 through 6 that showed the race 47%/47%.
2:41 pm
the latest poll that includes sunday has gone back to what it was prior to the debates. so for clarification, break it down so i can stop being beat to death by people on twitter about this gallup daily tracking poll. >> the one thing to know about the gallup daily tracking poll is it changes stimdz every day. what gallup did was before the three days before the debate, it was 50% to 45%, president obama among mitt romney. they measured the last three days since the debate, and it was a 47%/47% tie. the new numbers show president obama with a lead. it is very dizzying and probably better to get a better sense of all the different polls that came out rather than focus on the ups and downs of one poll. >> amen. that came out around 1:00 p.m. eastern time. what we're looking for that perhaps counts more than all of this that keeps our heads from being dizzy, the bottom line is
2:42 pm
you're looking at battleground polls that come out in the next few days from now, that give us a better view, not the national view but the battleground view, which is what matters. >> it's good to remove yourself a day or two from the debate and all the commentary about it. i've seen a sugar high bounce where all the commentary was talking about how solid mitt romney's debate performance was and how unspectacular president obama's was. once you kind of remove that, move a few days in the future and see where in some of the key battleground states, i'm looking at a state like ohio where the race is. if it's an even steven contest, you know it that something really did change. president obama still has a three to five-point lead in ohio. you know there was a temporary blip but not a huge change in the fundamentals. >> what you write or your team writes, you say possibly the race has not changed but simply tightened and is back to where everyone thought it had be six
2:43 pm
months ago. >> that's right. tamron, the biggest thing -- we can talk about poll numbers going up and down. psychologically the debate gave team romney aa big boost right before the debate. on october 2nd the day before everyone was writing do you write off ohio? do republicans start to move their money to senate and house contests? that very good debate performance by romney changed that conversation at the very least where we're not talking about this being a run-away race for obama, this being actually a very, very close race again. >> mark murray, thank you very much. greatly appreciate it. coming up, love, marriage and fists flying. we'll get the latest on this unbelievable wedding brawl that broke out in the city of brotherly love. one person even suffered aa heart attack and died. plus, our "news nation" gut check, do you think mitt romney will see a bump in new battleground polls this week? first is-there's a lot going on today. pbs will air a two-hour documentary tomorrow night
2:44 pm
profiling president obama and governor romney titled "the choice 2012." it focuses on key turning points in both candidates' political careers such as mitt romney's disastrous perform nents 1994 debate with ted kennedy and president obama's loss to bobby rush in 2000. >> the debate was watched by over 3 million people. as many people as wched a super bowl in massachusetts. romney had these expectations that he was going to win up to here, and suddenly kennedy's up to here and romney's here. the race is over. >> in the end voters decided to stick with bobby rush by a huge, huge, huge margin. it was a very bruising loss for him. >> actress stacy dash, best known nor role in the '90s film "clueless" is endorsing mitt romney. she said, quote, vote for romney, the only choice for your future. those are the things we just thought you should know. [ male announcer ] unitedhealthcare wants to know
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and two pills for a day free of pain. ♪ [ female announcer ] and try aleve for relief from tough headaches. governor brown asks to keep california gas prices from rising even mother. governor brown has ordered california's smog regulators allow winter blend gasoline to be sold four weeks earlier to increase supply. gas shortage has raised prices to record high of $4.67 a gallon. the spacex falcon 9 rocket. >> super cool. the dragon spacex spacecraft is on its way to the international space station. the unmanned rocket is the first privately run spacecraft to provide supplies for the space
2:49 pm
station under contract with nasa. and one man has been charged in connection with a huge brawl. did you see this? this is two wedding receptions at philly over the weekend. one of the bride's uncles died of a heart attack. police say it's not clear yet what caused this fight, but alcohol apparently part of the reason. more arrests are expected. and wii got some breaking news in right now. as you can see, we're taking you live to california where the president will make remarks at the national chavez center. the president obviously trying it to ramp up enthusiasm amongst latino voters. average polls show he has a significant lead, 40% to 50% lead. we'll bring you the latest as soon as the president steps up to the podium. members of congress. in celebration of over 75 years of our government employees insurance company, or most of you know it. ...i propose savings for everyone!
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2:52 pm
welcome back. let's go quickly to california. president obama is speaking right now at the national chavez
2:53 pm
center. let's take a listen. >> i want to acknowledge people from my administration who have championed this from the beginning. secretary salazar, secretary solis, nancy sutley, to governor bro brown, mayor villaraigosa, congressman gravela is here. we're grateful for your presence here. i want to recognize rodriguez, the current president of the ufw. most of all i want to thank helen chavez. you know, in the years to come, generations of americans will
2:54 pm
stand where we stand and see a piece of history. a tribute to a great man and aa great movement. to helen, this will always be home. it's where she fought alongside the man that she loved. where she raised eight children and spoiled 31 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren. this is where she continues to live out the rest of her days, so helen, today we are your guests. we appreciate your hospitality, and you should feel free to kick us out whenever you want. today lapaz joins a long line of national monuments stretching from the statue of liberty to the grand canyon.
2:55 pm
monuments that tell the story of who we are as americans. it's a story of natural wonders and modern marvels, of fierce battles and quiet progress. it's also a story of people, of determined, fearless, hopeful people who have always been willing to devote their lives to make this country a little more just and a little more free. one of those people lies here beneath the rose garden at the foot of a hill he used to climb to watch the sunrise. so today we celebrate cesar chavez. cesar would be the first to say this -- >> this is president obama still in california. he was campaigning yesterday and fund-raising as well. right now gives remarks at the
2:56 pm
national chavez center, the first monument dedicated to aa latinos since the 1700s in this kuven country. an honorable day. we'll have more on the president's visit to california. in the meantime that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'm tamron hall. catch us every weekday at 2:00 p.m. eastern. "the cycle" is up next. r self? c'mon, michael! get in the game! [ male announcer ] don't have the hops for hoops with your buddies? lost your appetite for romance? and your mood is on its way down. you might not just be getting older. you might have a treatable condition called low testosterone or low t. millions of men, forty-five or older, may have low t. so talk to your doctor about low t. hey, michael! [ male announcer ] and step out of the shadows. hi! how are you? [ male announcer ] learn more at [ laughs ] hey! who sells those remote control helicopters at the mall. buy 'em or don't. whatever man. either way, he gets to fly helicopters all day. and he eats the liquid gold of velveeta shells & cheese.
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at red lobster. there's so many choices, the guests love it! [ male announcer ] don't miss endless shrimp, just $14.99! try as much as you like, anyway you like. like new teriyaki grilled shrimp. offer ends soon! my name is angela trapp, and i sea food differently. i'm toure. 29 days to go, and the presidential race has tightened. it's a big week with post-debate poll numbers and the $5 trillion question no one on team romney will answer. >> i'm s.e. cupp. mitt romney's debate won him a place in the record books. >> i'm steve kornacki, and i have the honor of watching "snl's" newest star, s.e. cupp. is it more serious than

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